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Reading for Sure

Reading for Sure provides a simple solution by turning English into a virtual phonetic language.

This is achieved by adapting the system of pronunciation marks used in dictionaries to designate the speech sound of ambiguous letters. The application of Reading for Sure reduces confusion even further by using 24 diacritical marks. Each is a distinctive code, either for one of the 18 vowel sounds in English speech, or for the silent letter or one of five ambiguous consonants. 

So with Reading For Sure the pronunciation of each "ea" in the passage on the previous page would be clearly shown by a distinctive mark above or below the print line.

Accurate reading is achieved instantly without relying on memory, or on guessing. Readers are not dependent on illustrations nor on being told the word. Success is assured by reference to an always accessible, simple guide card containing the pronunciation code.

The theory underlying Reading for Sure is evidence based. Using the special techniques devised for Reading for Sure does not only take the confusion out of English pronunciation. Reading for sure provides unique devices and techniques which activate the pathways that produce brain hemisphere balance, the essential prerequisite for automatic reading. Improvement can be expected within a few hours of tuition with Reading For Sure.


Continued success using the pronunciation code leads to confidence and to the motivation to continue to read. 

Automatic, accurate and independent recoding of unfamiliar and irregular words is the result. As the processes required for reading become more effective, symptoms of dyslexia and other causes of reading delay can disappear. The pronunciation marks are phased out as reading becomes automatic.

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