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Tutoring Options

Lynne's Reading for Sure Tutoring offers a variety of opportunities for students to extend their academic skills. See our overview for more detail on the levels of literacy we offer and the program we use. 
Literacy skills One to One
With some children it will be possible to do this via Skype. 

We offer one to one session that are tailored to the level that your child has has achieved but with the goal being to have your child's literacy skills improved so that they are working at or even above their age level.

Maths Basics years 1 to 7 one-to-one
With some children it will be possible to do this via Skype.

Many students do not have enough time to consolidate their basic maths skills in class before the teacher moves on to the next topic and so the students may fall behind. This is especially true of students who also struggle with literacy. Their reduced reading skills give them less access to the maths material. With one to one lessons we can readily find out what they have missed and help them to consolidate those skills, which give them better access and success with later maths concepts.

Primary School level Skype Tutoring

English - Writing skills. Comprehension and reading practices. Analysis of texts. 

Maths - Make sure the fundamental skills are strong and build from their.

Other subjects - homework support.  We can help your child with their school set homework. 

Holiday Intensive Literacy sessions

The holiday intensive classes are ideal if you are coming up from the country for the school holidays and would like to help your struggling child with their literacy. These normally focus on the reading and comprehension skills but would be tailored to the student's needs. Sessions would be either one or two sessions per day Monday to Friday over a two week period.

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