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Our clinic specialises in using the "Reading for Sure" program to increase the literacy skills of students. We are able to help those that are just learning to read, have not been able to learn to read or those that are looking to consolidate and improve their reading skills. While students attend to improve their basic skills for accurate reading all the other literacy skills are included as well; spelling, comprehension, grammar, handwriting, written composition etc. We also offer sessions on maths skills.

Levels of Reading for Sure Offered

Pre literacy - 4 - 5 year olds. This involves teaching phonemic awareness skills and letter/sound recognition,             which leads into reading.

Early Literacy - follows on from the above. If a student is able to do the above then they would enrol in the Early Literacy program, where simple regular words are encountered in stories Eg. mat, scram etc.

Reading for Sure Literacy program - with the above skills we can then take a student through this comprehensive literacy program where students are given the confidence and skills to read irregular, multi syllable words and improve their skills in all the aspects of literacy.

Mathematics - k - 7

Many students do not get enough time to consolidate their maths basics when learning them in a class situation, the teacher often moves forward too quickly. In one to one sessions we can identify what has been missed and help the student fill the gaps in their knowledge and gain confidence.

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