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Essentially Lynne's Reading for Sure Tutoring is available between 8 am and 7 pm 6 days a week.

We are at the office when we have appointments to be there. 

Many students attend during the school day as the little time they miss from classroom activities is balanced against the significant gains they make in their literacy skills.

Other appointments are before and after school and on Saturdays. 

Holiday intensives can also be arranged.

Once a suitable appointment is found for a student this time slot is kept for them until such time as they no longer require it. 

Fees      (cash, bank transfer, eftpos)
Reading for Sure lessons

Assessments   $90 (mostly 1.5 hours in duration)

One to one hour long sessions $60.00

All cancellations are $30.00 

There is a homework kit that all students will need the cost for this is $40

When enrolling for our tutoring it is in the understanding that you will be attending for the term and that you will attend all the arranged sessions (approximately 10 per term). If due to sickness or another unforeseen event a session has to be missed then a replacement session may be able to be arranged, if not then a cancellation fee is payable.

Reading Tutoring waiting area
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