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Don't wait for failure.

Act at the first sign of difficulty.

Tutoring for remediation and prevention.​

If your primary school child is having difficulty learning to read you have a real cause for concern, especially if the child has reached grade 3 or beyond. Please act quickly before a pattern of failure and other behavioural and psychological problems set in.

The earlier the intervention the shorter the time it will take to bridge the gap in your child's learning. This is especially true for the dyslexic child. 

Phone Lynne's Reading for Sure Tutoring as your local accredited provider and clinic for the Solomon Method of implementing literacy through the Reading For Sure program. 

Your will see results after only a few sessions. Your child will gain self confidence and self esteem, and will soon begin to read independently.

Tutoring is not just for remediation.

One to one tutoring on the core concepts in reading and maths in pre primary and grade 1 give your child the advantage and confidence to excel in school. 

We are now also able to offer High School humanities tuition. Tuition at the high school level can really make the difference for these students to reach their potential and realise their dreams.